What is abrasive waterjet cutting?
An abrasive waterjet is a software-controlled, robotic motion shape cutting system that uses high pressure water (60 000 PSI) mixed with an abrasive (specialized sand or crushed garnet) to accurately cut or erode virtually any material.

What different material can be cut?
Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper & Brass, Titanium, Teflon, UHMW, Lexan, Composites, Fiberglass, Stone, Foam and variety of other materials.

How thick can it cut?
Allcut is setup to cut up to 6” thick but the vast majority of cost effective cutting is 2” or less.

What tolerances can be held?
This varies depending on material, thickness and edge quality required. Typically, positional tolerance is +/- .003’’ and the taper per side will vary from .000’’ up to .030’’ again depending on application.

How much does it cost to have something cut?
The cost is directly related to the type and thickness of the material as well as the actual profile that is to be cut. Other variables that effect the cost is whether CAD files are supplied, the edge quality or tolerances required and the length of time the parts are on the table. Therefore the best way to get an accurate cost is to contact us and explain your needs so we can provide you with a formal quotation.

What is your table size?
Allcut can handle bar, plate or sheet up to 48’’ x 96’’.

What does the cut edge look like?
The cut edge will basically have a smooth sandblasted finish. Depending on edge quality (speed of cut), more or less striation (jet lag) will be visible.